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Updating Splunk Index Group information in indexer servers for cluster setup.

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Hi Team,

1) We have a cluster setup with two indexers getting data from at least 50+ forwarder servers (i.e. Linux and Windows)
2) For this, we need to define the INDEX GROUP with tcpout and indexers information in outputs.conf. Below is the example of one indexing group. Like the example mentioned below
Disabled = false
Server = 192.168.X.X:1234,192.168.X.X:5678.

Is it possible to define Project index group(i.e. tcpout) and indexers information in indexers server peers only.

This is to avoid manual intervention on the forwarders side (i.e. editing outputs.conf file) and also is it advisable to use it on the indexer server side because of multiple indexing groups.


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Defining forwarder configuration in one single place and sending it out to the forwarders in case of updates without manual intervention on the forwarders matches Splunk's Deployment Server perfectly, see for reference.

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