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Developers are sending a log in json format. But splunkforwarder is reading the log as single line text.
What migt the issue ?. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks in advance

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Try What are the requirements for a perfect Splunk JSON document?

You might need in props.conf -

category = Structured
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@ddrillic and @amifath Thanks for you responses.

Now I am getting my log as
{ [-]
log: {someinformation of appication here {msg"a":"1","b":"2","c":"3","d":"4"

I want my log to be as below
{ [-]
log: {someinformation of appication here {msg-"a":"1","b":"2","c":"3","d":"4"}

Devlopers are passing the log as json format but when it coming into splunk ui it is converting into invalid JSON.

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If you mean one event by single line text and your json file has one node then it's normal to have that result, try to use spath command to extract more fields:

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