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Splunk SH Cluster - KV store cannot initiate set

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Hello, Im running a 3-node SH cluster + deployer (running splunk 7.1 on Centos 7)

Cluster is up and Captain is SH1, my kv-status comes back with,

This member:
                           backupRestoreStatus : Ready
                                      disabled : 0
                                          guid : 6DE38BA1-8716-4909-9053-C60751902220
                                          port : 8191
                                    standalone : 0
                                        status : failed

 Enabled KV store members:
                                          guid : 6C547544-700B-4A12-9446-C2246E73A717
                                   hostAndPort :
                                          guid : 6DE38BA1-8716-4909-9053-C60751902220
                                   hostAndPort :
                                          guid : 85A78216-32F6-4875-8FC7-9DB7BB0AD1E5
                                   hostAndPort :

On the 1st SH (captain), Im getting this warning in the console,

KV Store changed status to failed. '' has data already, cannot initiate set.

I tried cleaning Raft and KV Store, but getting the same results after splunk is restarted,

"rm -rf /opt/splunk/var/run/splunk/_raft/*"
"/opt/splunk/bin/splunk clean kvstore --cluster --answer-yes"
"/opt/splunk/bin/splunk clean raft --answer-yes"

Couldnt find anything in KB for this error. Does anyone know how to troubleshoot this? Thanks.

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Hi, could you solve this problem? If you solved it, can you tell me how?

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