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Splunk Operator - Splunk apps deployment failed

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This is my first time setting up Splunk in Kubernetes by using Splunk Operator.

I have set up the cluster just fine. One challenge I'm having now is to deploy my Splunk Apps to our search head cluster. Here is the docs that I followed:

The issues are:

1. My deployer keeps getting undeployed everytime I make changes to the SHC CRD. idk why?

2. The app is simply not getting deployed. The app's .tgz file is already in my S3 bucket. Here's the spec of my SHC


    - location: searchHeadApps/
      name: assettrackerapp.tgz
    appsRepoPollIntervalSeconds: 30
      scope: cluster
      volumeName: volume_app_repo_us
    - endpoint:
      name: volume_app_repo_us
      path: dev-splunk-operator
      provider: aws
      secretRef: s3-secret
      storageType: s3


Here are some of the splunk-operator logs:


{"level":"info","ts":1634593053.3164997,"logger":"splunk.enterprise.ValidateAppFrameworkSpec","msg":"App framework configuration is valid"}
{"level":"info","ts":1634593053.3165247,"logger":"splunk.enterprise.initAndCheckAppInfoStatus","msg":"Checking status of apps on remote storage...","name":"sh","namespace":"splunk"}
{"level":"info","ts":1634593053.3165333,"logger":"splunk.enterprise.GetAppListFromS3Bucket","msg":"Getting the list of apps from remote storage...","name":"sh","namespace":"splunk"}
{"level":"info","ts":1634593053.3198195,"logger":"splunk.enterprise.GetRemoteStorageClient","msg":"Creating the client","name":"sh","namespace":"splunk","volume":"volume_app_repo_us","bucket":"dev-splunk-operator","bucket path":"searchHeadApps/"}
{"level":"info","ts":1634593053.3199255,"logger":"splunk.client.InitAWSClientSession","msg":"AWS Client Session initialization successful.","region":"","TLS Version":"TLS 1.2"}
{"level":"info","ts":1634593053.319938,"logger":"splunk.client.GetAppsList","msg":"Getting Apps list","AWS S3 Bucket":"dev-splunk-operator"}
{"level":"error","ts":1634593053.3199534,"logger":"splunk.client.GetAppsList","msg":"Unable to list items in bucket","AWS S3 Bucket":"dev-splunk-operator","error":"MissingRegion: could not find region configuration"


Please advise, thank you.

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