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Hi SPlunkers,

Currently we have a single instance deployment i.e. we have a splunk enterprise console which has both indexer and search head on same instance. We are planning to setup high availability, can you please guide me the correct documentation which we can look into.

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Hi @SS1,

at first you have to define the HA requirements:

  • Full HA,
  • Data HA.

in the first case you have to use both an Indexer Cluster and a Search Head Cluster.

In the second case you have to use only an Indexer Cluster.

For an Indexer Cluster is required at least:

  • two or more Indexers (they depends on the volume of data);
  • a Master Mode.

Yu can find more infos at

For a Search Head Cluster is required at least:

  • three or more Search Heads (they depends on the volume of users and scheduled searches);
  • a Deployer.

You can find more infos at

Master Node must be a dedicated server.

Deployer is a role that can be shared with other roles (except: Search Head, Indexer, Master Node and Deployment Server).

Hardware and storage requirements depends on the data volume and searches, you can find more infos at:

These are few informations about Splunk HA, but remember that Splunk architecture must be designed and planned with many attention by a specialist (Splunk Architect).



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