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Splunk DB Connect: How to access data from an Oracle database table that doesn't have a unique field?


Hello Everyone,

I need to fetch data from one table from an Oracle database, but can we fetch data from a table without a unique ID present?

I am trying to do this using Database input connection of Splunk db connect app.

Gajanan Hiroji

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If you are configuring a dbtail monitor on the table, then yes I believe you will need a unique field - preferably an incrementing numeric ID or a timestamp that Splunk can track and increment for the tail.

If you are running a dbquery search or a dbdump input then you would not need a unique field. dbquery is real time and does not index the data returned in Splunk. dbdump will grab the entire contents of the table every time it runs; you can append a timestamp at that point and need not worry about a unique identifier or incremental field.

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