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Good Day Guys,

I am facing strange issue on my 8.1.0 version Splunk cluster environment.

In our Splunk cluster environment built on linux, whenever any app (be it standard from splunkbase or some custom) is getting pushed from either masternode or deployer, the app permission gets changed on respectve members.

For ex: On deployer under $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/shcluster/apps/test_app has 755 or 777 permission. But when it gets pushed to searchhead members, permission of app gets changed to 600.

P.S. it doesn't seems to be an OS issue but Splunk issue only as I have already get it checked thoroughly with system administrator

Also I can see one SPL is already in place (SP-109430) but its specific to windows.

Waiting for your valuable feedback/comments on this issue.

Thanks in advance, 

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