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Setting more then one Client name on Deploymentclient.conf on Indexer

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Hi I want to pass more then one client name in deploymentclient.conf on Indexer box.


targetUri = splunk:8089


clientName = index1, index2

phoneHomeIntervalInSecs = 30

As you can see above clientName = index1, index2. I tried with comma (,) and (;)semicolon but its not working for me. Is it possible to implement? if Yes please suggest the right way to do?


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Why do you need to set clientname to more than one entry?

You can match with regular expressions on the serverclass end, so for your example you could set the clientName to be index1_index2 and then match on index1 in one class and index2 in another.

Can you elaborate on your use case?

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