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Search View Not Displayed for Custom Role


Hoping someone can point out what I may be missing.

I have two new users I'm adding to our Splunk instance. I want to limit these users to a single App and only be able to search from a new Index I've created specifically for them.

The index is good to go. I created a new App and new custom role for these users, both named programmer.

The App permissions have been updated providing read rights for the programmer custom role.
I've also added the users to the new role.

Here's the problem, when the users log in, the only views available are Dashboards, Reports and Alerts, no Search view.
I've verified the default xml in the App is correct, here's a sample:

nav search_view="search" color="#FFDA3"
view name="search" default='true'
view name="reports"
view name="alerts"

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Did you not provide read access to Search & Reporting app? What you might prefer is to have read access to that app but hide it from navigation.

Play with app.conf's settings show_in_nav and is_visible. This is different than the app's read permissions and impacts all users of that app.

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