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Right procedure modify outputs.conf or any systems config files on SHC ??


How do I update outputs.conf on the Splunk SH Clusters?

I had set up outputs.conf with below during initial setup

defaultGroup = primary_indexers

server = aaa:9997 , bbb:9997

I need to change them to below

defaultGroup = inx

server = ccc:9997 , ddd:9997

Is there splunk CLI to update this across the SHs? I couldnt find any..

Else Could someone please suggest the right steps to update?

Manually update and restart splunk on all the SHs??

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You can use your Search Head Cluster Deployer to get an app with all those settings to be deployed in you members.

Create a fresh empty app, put the the new outputs.conf in the app, put the app in $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/shcluster. Then in the Deployer use the command:

splunk apply shcluster-bundle

Remember that if you set those outputs.conf in system local, you will need to erase them as they will have maximum precedence over the new ones, and that is one reason why system/local shouldn't be used.

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