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Report Acceleration, Real time search backfill and Multiple Search Heads

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We have multiple search heads that are available for different functions. We have one running alerts, and another dedicated to dashboarding.

Some of alerts & dashboards are real time, and perform real-time backfill. Other dashboards, that look at nearly the same data, perform historical analysis.

I want to turn on report acceleration, as I think it will speed up the historical analysis, but I have a few questions:

  1. Does report acceleration on data for the last 7 days provide any benefit to a real time search with a 90 minute backfill on the same data?
  2. More importantly, if search head x creates the report acceleration, will the other search head searches benefit?


Report acceleration is excellent for rendering massive or sparse data sets quickly. You will see near instant results from an accelerated search. Report acceleration performed on a search head cannot benefit another unless you're using search head clustering.

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