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Reparsing cooked data coming from a heavy forwarder. Possible?


We have a situation where a third party uses uf's on their source hosts which forward to their heavy forwarders which is then in turn forwarded to our uf's and then to our indexes.

We need to do some additional index time field extractions to improve performance (yes, i know about the search time vs index time extraction flexibility).

I've found that this isn't working and think that its quite possibly due to the data that we are receiving is already cooked. Checking the internal logs from the data's source shows "connectionType=cooked" but this could just be the normal uf sourcetype/host/index markings.

  1. Is there a way to see/tell if an intermediate heavy forwarder is further cooking data.
  2. Is it possible to re-parse what ever data we have to perform further index time field extractions.?

Update: I've been able to verify that I am able to create the index time field extractions when I reindex from re-created raw files using the same config. So this doesn't seem to be a config issue more of an already cooked/trying to reparse data issue.

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I've only got one splunktcp feed so maybe this is global but it works with and without the port so I'm assuming that the inclusion of the port without generating errors means it's working.

My lab Windows server has a v6.0.2 universal forwarder with the Windows TA installed. It sends to a heavy forwarder. The heavy forwarder sends to an indexer.

This is the inputs/props/transforms from the heavy forwarder. I couldn't get the inputs.conf to change the index so I did it in props/transforms.

connection_host = ip

SEDCMD-removemessage = s/(?mis)(Token Elevation Type indicates|This event is generated|Subject fields indicate the account).*//g

DEST_KEY = _MetaData:Index
FORMAT = windows_lab

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Splunk Employee

@dfronck, did this configuration above on your HF work out for you?

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Yes. We're deployed to a couple hundred servers now running 6.2.2 UF to 3 6.2.3 HFs. We're using this as the source now instead of splunktcp.

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did this work using splunktcp:port? I am trying to use this same config to rename index using source::splunktcp:port and it is not working.

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ok found what I need to do.


unfortunately it globally applies so I can't do it on a per sourcetype basis as far as I can tell. 😕


This method is unsupported, undocumented, and unsafe. Do not do this, there is no guarantee it won't be removed in the future, break unexpectedly on update, or break right now in an totally unexpected way.


Thanks for the help. It took me forever to get this working because I was assuming that if inputs.conf didn't change the index, it wasn't working.

Once I got the SEDCMD right, I saw the bs ms text was gone and just set the index in transforms.

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