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Remove missing/duplicate forwarders from forwarder managment

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This sounds like an "asked and answered" question, but my searches didn't come up with a satisfactory answer.

How do I remove missing or duplicate forwarders from forwarder management WITHOUT rebuilding the forwarder asset table?

Here's my use case. I deploy forwarders in my laptop environment, and due to some changes to naming convention, I chose to UNINSTALL/REINSTALL the latest UF (8.0.0), resulting in devices with 2 forwarder GUIDS in the table. The old UFs (7.x.x) certainly show as missing, but I don't want to rebuild the table, because many of my laptops are in the field, and only check-in/connect every few weeks or longer. Rebuilding the forwarder asset table would delete all the machines that have vaild forwarders, but haven't checked in for awhile, leaving me with an incomplete view of my deployed environment.

What I'd like is a simple way to just delete forwarder entries that I KNOW are duplicate/stale.

thoughts? thanks!

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