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Re-enabling a disabled cluster peer throwinf erros

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I have 2 peer nodes in my cluster - 1 of them was acting as a stand-alone indexer while the other is a fresh installation.
I had enabled clustering on the stand-alone indexer initially, but due to some errors, I disabled it.
I know have clustering enabled on both the peers and they are both recognized by the master node.

However, I now see the following messages - Search peer has the following message: Too many streaming errors to target=. Not rolling hot buckets on further errors to this target. (This condition might exist with
other targets too. Please check the logs.)

I understand re-enabling clustering on a disabled peer node is a known issue. I read this document -
The suggestion is to clean the hot buckets or remove the standalone buckets on the peer before re-enabling it. There dont seem to be any instructions on how to do this.
Also, will I lose an indexed data by doing this? As I mentioned, the node was acting as a stand-alone indexer and was indexing important data before enabling clustering.

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Splunk Employee


That error might mean a network issue (or more precisely a consistent replication issue ) between the two nodes.


Is the replication port configured properly on the two nodes. Are there any errors related to that in the splunkd logs?

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Can someone please help me out with this question?

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