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Questions about migrating a single-site cluster to a multisite cluster

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Hey Guys,

We are planning to migrate a single-site cluster to a multisite cluster.
For converting single-site bucket to multi-site bucket we are planning to use “constrain_singlesite_buckets = false” after the migration. As our data in single-site is around 12TB.
1)Can you please let me know how cluster master prioritize replication of existing single-site data(12TB) and new indexing data (350 GB per day) and other activities.
2)I would like to know if users have any negative impact until site search factor and site replication factor is met.
3)We are using indexer discovery would there be any challenges as the cluster master is busy in handling replication.

We have 6 indexers in site 1 (existing cluster ), we are planning to add 6 indexers in site 2 as part of the multi-site cluster

Below is RF and SF :

"site_replication_factor" : "origin:2,total:3"
"site_search_factor" : "origin:1,total:2”

"replication_factor": 2
"search_factor": 2
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