Deployment Architecture

Precedence of log retention configuration


Hi Team,

Our Splunk License is going to get expired and we are working to get a new license .Our current environment is a clustered one with 12 indexers ,1 SH ,1 CM and 1 DS . However we have decided to stop the ingestion of data and would like to keep Splunk intact only for searching of the already indexed data . As a result we are planning to move to Free-license for time being . We do understand in free license clustered model wont work and each splunk instance become standalone but we are okay to perform the search on individual indexer if required . However our concern is the log retention configuration is currently placed in the following directory in all of the indexers that is /files0/splunk/etc/Master-app /_cluster/local/indexer.conf , will this still have higher precedence over /files0/splunk/etc/system/default/indexer.conf or do we need to make changes ?

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