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Migrate Index data from old cluster to new cluster


Due to increase in Splunk Data usage, we have deployed new cluster and planning to migrate few indexes to new cluster. I have checked in internet but did not find any link which show the clear steps to migrate indexed data to new cluster. Can anyone please provide the clear steps for migration. Please find below details -

Splunk Version is same in both cluster - 6.6.2 V
Existing Index Cluster - 8 Node cluster
New Index Cluster - 3 Node cluster
Need to migrate 7 Indexes from 8 node cluster to 3 node cluster.

Shashank Soni.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

For migrating the historical data from an index from old to new cluster you need to follow the below steps:-

  1. Put CM in Maintenance mode before performing the below steps.

  2. stop Splunk on the indexers (old existing cluster).

  3. copy the original buckets (not replicated) manually from the existing cluster to a different location (e.g./tmp) on the same indexers.

  4. create the index on the new indexer cluster master and push it to the new indexers.

  5. update the GUID of the new indexer cluster peers in the old indexers bucket id. (i.e. replace the current indexers GUID with the new indexers GUID at the end of the bucket name)

  6. place the buckets copied from the existing setup to the new cluster with respective bucket numbers. (bucket numbers should not conflict with each other)

  7. start indexers for the bucket to replicate to the other indexers.

  8. To get the GUID of the indexers, you can either use CM's indexer clustering page in the GUI and expand the indexer details in peers tab or navigate to the CLI of the respective indexers and check $SPLUNK_HOME/etc/instance.cfg file.

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