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Issue with Applying Initial shcluster-bundle from Deployer

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I am having an issue where in when I attempt to run the apply shcluster-bundle command, as shown below, I am prompted with the initial warning and then once I have accepted this warning the Splunk CLI closes without providing any error messaging or pushing the contents of the ,,/shcluster/apps/ directory. Can anyone please advice?

splunk apply shcluster-bundle -target -auth admin:password

To give some context, I am standing up a new search head cluster to replace our existing stand alone search head. I have been able to bootstrap the search head cluster which consists of 3-Instances running on VM instances of Windows Server 2019 Datacenter and a 4th-instance running in the same configuration working as the deployer. These are all freshly established VM instances. These instances are all running v7.3.0 whereas my previous Search Head is running v7.0.0. The instances are all running using the same domain account and admin credentials. The only issue I noted during the configuration of the cluster was initial inability to cluster due to the three Search Head VMs sharing an image causing issues with the GUID which I resolved by performing a clean installation and removing the GUIDs from the instance.cfg file prior to initiating the cluster. I have confirmed the search head instances all have the correct URI configured for the Deployer and that they are all able to ping the deployer. I have also confirmed the clusters are in fact paired using the GUI though I am encountering an issue when attempting to show cluster status from cluster members the Splunk CLI closes without providing any error messaging or messaging of any kind.

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Hi I'm sure you've already solved this but try the following. I saw you were missing the management port.

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk apply shcluster-bundle -target -auth admin:password

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