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Is there updated documentation on how to compile MIBs with CLI examples for Linux?

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Hello everyone.

I am having a heck of a time compiling custom MIBs. Is there any progress in regards to being able to read plain *.txt Mibs? Is there updated documentation on how to compile mibs with command line examples (Linux)? Does anyone have any examples of the splunk interface that shows how to refer to custom mibs / comma delimited syntax?

Thank you.

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Not until pysnmp supports plain text MIBs will that feature be available.

Most folks don't have too much trouble with this.

From the docs , converting your plain text MIB into a Python file :

alt text

And an example of the input when configuring (which is actually documented in the UI also) :

alt text

Ensure your MIB name matches the name of the generated python file (case sensitive).

Also , any errors can be searched by : "index=_internal ExecProcessor error"

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