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Is there a way to send a bulletin message to all users in a search head cluster?

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I have a search head cluster setup and was wondering if I could set up a bulletin message (or any message really) that will contact all users regardless of what host in the cluster that they are on. I'm not sure if this is possible. I already tried doing this using a bulletin message but that didn't seem to work.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated, thanks!



You can use a script to cearl through all you Search Heads like this where searchheadsXX will be replace to each of your Search Heads.

curl -k -u login:password https://searchheadXX:8089/services/messages -d severity="info" -d name=message -d value="This is your Splunk Admin, there will be a maintenance of this instance in 10 minutes -> 15:00 , ETA of 30 minutes -> 15:30, for updates contact me at"

But beware, although the message will be visible to all, the first user that will remove it, will do so for all users connected to that Search Head...


Interested in having a solution for this as well, I haven't tried it myself. But you should be able to just curl it from one machine to to all other cluster members machines as long as you are able to authenticate yourself. It feels like there should be an easier option out there, there might be a REST endpoint for updating this?

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