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Is it possible to deploy an external authentication script to all search heads in a search head cluster using a deployment server?

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Splunk 6.2.1
Search head cluster with 3 search heads in a cluster


I have an external authentication script "" sitting in $SPLUNK_HOME/bin on one of the search heads. The script does its job. I wanted to understand how to deploy this script to other search heads ? Can deployment server be utilized?

Today, it is not a problem to copy this file to three search heads, but when I have 30 search heads in a cluster, what can be done to automate this activity?

Any pointers?

thanks, ronak

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

This could be deployed with a deployent server to the Search Heads. You would just need to create the app and put the python scripts in the $app_name$/bin folder.
Caveats to this would depend on how and what exactly your authscript is doing..

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