Deployment Architecture

Is it possible to access the Splunk CLI locally without credentials, or limit credentials just to the local host?


I have a script which runs on the deployment server and maintains the contents of ../deployment-apps/... out of a git repository. After any change, it should reload the deployment server and thus needs some credentials. I can of course create a local user inside of Splunk just for this purpose, but it seems I have to grant this user admin privileges. I would have to store this user and its password in the script. If someone gets hold of this script, this person has the credentials with grant admin privileges to the deployment server, not really desired.

Preferred behavior would be to have a user in Splunk which allows access only from the local host via CLI, and only if executed from the same OS user under which splunkd is running. This would eliminate the risks as only one local user is able to use it, and this OS user is able to restart splunkd anyway.

Another solution would be to have a user which is limited to just the local CLI. Not as secure as above, but at least remote access would be excluded.

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I understand wanting to limit this. If you wanted to limit the capability to reloading the deployment server, according to a confirmed Splunk Answers Post found here:

All you should need is the edit_deployment_server role.

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