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Install app/add-on in a clustered Search head?


Hi All,

I did go through the docs and installed the Kafka add-on via the Deployer in a Search head cluster. I copied the install .gz file to the shcluster directory and pushed it out to the other SHs in the cluster.
Now I need to configure this.
As per the docs I need to set it up via the UI. But I dont find the Set up under Apps-->Manage Apps-->Kafka appoption in any of the search heads at all.

Splunk Add-on for Kafka Splunk_TA_kafka 1.1.0


Global | Permissions Enabled | Disable Edit properties | View objects | View details on SplunkApps

Why so? How do I set it up?

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Hi Harishma,

You need to perform additional steps to deploy bundles from deployer, and it works in two ways:

  • Push bundles out from deployer to all search head members Execute: splunk apply shcluster-bundle –target Can specify any member, but the deployer pushes the bundles to all members
  • Configure search head members to fetch and sync after a restart Add the deployer address to the existing search head members: splunk edit shcluster-config -conf_deploy_fetch_url https://:8089

Hope this helps. Thanks!

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