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In Splunk's internal log file I can see the log file was processed by Splunk to index, but when I am trying to search the same index from SH, I am not able to find the events. This is happening intermittently on a few of the log files. 

Log from  splunkd HF: 
INFO TailReader - Batch input finished reading file='/xx/log/xxxxxxx/processed/archive/processed.log_2021-01-20T12:45:01.log'

No results from below search with all-time 
index=* source="/xxx/log/xxxxxxx/processed/archive/processed.log_2021-01-20T12:45:01.log"

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Hi @bsrikanthreddy5,

Did you try searching with wider timerange? Or "All Time". There maybe timestamp problem?


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Path Finder

yes, I have used an all-time in time picker. 

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