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In an indexer cluster, if one indexer goes down, will any replicated bucket not be used in search?


We are on Splunk 6.6.2. We presently used indexer clustering. We have 2 indexers. The status of our cluster is:

  • all data is searchable
  • search factor is met
  • replication factor is met

Per Splunk recommendation we use a factor of 2 for both search and replication.

All of our rb_ buckets on disk (on both indexers) have just the rawdata directory. There are no more files in rb_ bucket directory, i.e. no metadata.

If there is no metadata found under the rb_ folders, then it is not really searchable. If 1 indexer goes down then any replicated bucket will not be used by search. Is this true?

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your myindex/db folder should have folders named db as well as rb. In these bucket folders, metadata are stored in various files. It is not found in a folder like "myindex/db/metadata". There are files like bloomfilter, bucket_info.csv,, etc.

That's part of your metadata. And with a SF and RF of 2, you will be able to search all of your buckets when only one indexer goes down.


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