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Implementing Splunk in PCI environment with Multiple PCI Zones

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One of our customer is looking to setup a SOC with a SIEM solution and they want to monitor and manage multiple PCI zones across multiple geographies.

Customer is governed by multiple data regulations across various regions and countries and don't want PCI data to traverse to one centralized SOC location; however looking to design a cost effective and PCI compliant SOC.

I am sure this is not an unique situation and there will be existing customers and Splunk installations similar to this requirement.

My question is:  How can we implement Spluck in such environment (Architecture and components) to manage multiple PCI zones across geographies, showing PCI compliance and ensure PCI data is managed locally to meet local data compliance. PCI logs are managed in decentralized manner; however overall SOC is managed centralized without breaching any data regulations. This is my first question is the forum and look forward to get some advice, help from other members.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

best bet is to talk to your compliance people and get their recommendations.  Every auditor is different.

OR Splunk Cloud SaaS has PCI compliant environments you can purchase, then you are done.


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