Deployment Architecture

I see this error in my search head Low Level HTTP request failure err=failed method=POST path=/

Path Finder

i have 3 search heads and its on cluster.i just done rolling restart today morning i started seeing below error search mamber.using 8.2v

ERROR SHCMasterHTTPProxy [1338 SHPHeartbeatThread] - Low Level HTTP request failure err=failed method=POST path=/services/shcluster/captain/members captain=blt14788005:8089 rc=0 actual_response_code=500 expected_response_code=201 status_line="Internal Server Error" transaction_error="<response>\n <messages>\n <msg type="ERROR">Cannot add peer= mgmtport=8089 (reason: removeOldPeer peer=3F2BAA5B-1792-4FE6-9393-499B8DAF8D33, serverName=blt14788004, hostport=, but found different peer=FD52AB8F-AF38-47E3-BDB6-C16D42E8AFB4 with serverName=blt14788004 and hostport= already registered and UP)</msg>\n </messages>\n</response>\n"




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