Deployment Architecture

How to verify deployment client configuration


On Windows 8-based Splunk Forwarder-

C:\Program Files\SplunkUniversalForwarder\etc\system\local\deploymentclient.conf

disabled = false

targetUri =

On Linux-based deployment server-



whitelist.0 = *
restartSplunkd = true


I restart splunk and reload deployment configuration (./splunk reload deploy-server) but I still get:

No deployment clients have contacted this server.

I've verified that the win8 machine can connect to the deployment server on 8089, restarted both services, but nothing.

Is there a command I can run on the forwarder to verify the deployment server it's trying to connect to?

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Here Troubleshoot deployment will give you infos on troubleshooting Splunk Deployment Server and Client

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