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How to troubleshoot read "denied" permissions on monitoring a file?

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I set up the serverclass.conf with the whitelist using the host names and added the inputs.conf to monitor for the files. Splunk's permissions were not set up for the file to be read, so we received a "denied" message related to insufficient access. Splunk has since been added as a user with Read rights. Do I need to restart the deployment servers? And if this does not work, do you have additional recommendations to troubleshoot the issue?



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The permission issue should be resolved on the forwarder once the permissions are amended..

There is no need to restart/change anything on the deployment server as it is purely a permission issue on forwarder. They will be picked up on next file watch schedule.

However your query is not clear.. i hope you mean the monitored files on the forwarder & NOT permission issues for serverclass.conf itself? in which case restart might be needed?

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