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How to retrieve information from a custom config file created from setup?



What i'm trying to achieve is : a setup page where the users can enter different information that my app's different dashboards will use. Ideally, I would even like to create email alerts and the user could set his email address from the setup, but that seems more advanced.

I have read multiple docs about how to create such a setup page. I've used the example from the "Developer Guidance - Setup View Example For Splunk" app, and it works fine as in i can easily write my own configuration file with stanza and fields of my choosing.

What I dont know though, is how to access these stored information from my splunk app itself, say, from a search. Is it stored as tokens? I'm starting to consider tweaking my setup to just write a .csv file instead and use it as a lookup, but it feels absolutely hackish.

Any hints to point me towards the light would be greatly appreciated 🙂

Thank you!

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