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How to reset error count after multiple network issues (multisite indexer cluster) ?



I've got a clustered indexers (2 sites) running 6.3

since today, the following kind of message appears in the console :
Search peer <search peer> has the following message: Too many streaming errors to target=<target
peer>. Not rolling hot buckets on further errors to this target. (This condition might exist with
other targets too. Please check the logs.)

I've followed this
by searching for the CMStreaming errors in _internal logs.

It looks like there was some network issue during the night (and may be at two other times, so the max number of errors is achieved)
Right now, it seems fixed (I can connect on the splunk replication port from a indexer to another) and the cluster say my replication factor is fine.

So I wan't to reset the counter to zero (not change the max value)

I've tried putting the cluster in maintenance mode and do a rolling restart

That doesn't seem effective.

Any idea how do I reset this ?


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answering to myself :

I've manually restarted splunk service on each indexer.
Error messages have disappeard right now but it took a while event after restart.
It looks like restarting the service is what makes the counter revert to zero but I'm not completely sure how this works...

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