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How to properly migrate from single search head to search head cluster?


Hi, we have a single search head in our environment, and we just got 3 new servers meant to become a SH cluster.
on our search head we have several dashboards, alerts, lookups, macros, etc.. belonging to several users(LDAP) and to the app search.
When we deployed the cluster we checked out the reference page in the documentation about this kind of migration, however they didn't have in mentioning about what to do with the search artifacts currently on the single SH.
Since search artifacts are usually created via the UI and are distributed by the captain, we don't really now how to transfer them just this one time.

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Migration from a standalone searchhead to a SHC

Here is the document that discusses how to migration from a standalone to a Search Head Cluster:

Add a Search Peer

Here is the doc that discusses how to add search peers:

If you are adding multiple standalone indexers I would look at this section:

Essentially you would distribute the distsearch.conf from the Deployer and then distribute the key files which is covered in the following section:

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Also, is there a way to configure distsearch on all cluster members via configuration deployment?
because the documentation says to manually set it on each member.

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