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How to manage multiple deployment clients on same host?


Hi gurus~!

I am trying to manage multiple deployment clients on sames host. For example, I have 10 instances of splunk instances which I want to manage their each instances using deployment server.

So the problem I have is that, the deployment server can not distinguish each instance to assign a different server class because everyone of those instances come from same host. I realize deployment server recognize mgmt port so those instances have same host but different mgmt port.

Is it possible to create serverclass that applies host id + mgmt port as a paired of info for deployment server to distinguish different instances with different config on same host?

Appreciate your time, Gurus~!

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Your best solution in this case is to use clientName attribute in deploymentclient.conf of the managed instances. Then use whitelists/blacklists on serverclass.conf to assign class memberships based on that.


clientName = deploymentClient
* Defaults to deploymentClient.
* A name that the deployment server can filter on.
* Takes precedence over DNS names.


Hope this helps!