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How to fix Splunk search head pool "Error in dispatch process. Failed to create directory /data/var/run/dispatch/xyz"?

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Error in search head pooling validate-quiet: Failed to create test file: /data/etc/users/testpath: Disk quota exceeded
There was an error validating your search head pooling configuration. For more information, run 'splunk pooling validate'
Error fixing dangling data: Failed to lock /data/etc/apps/sentinel.txt with code -1, possible reason: No such file or directory
There was an error preparing your conf files for search head pooling. For more information, run 'splunk btool find-dangling'.

This is the error am getting when i restart my search head and it doesnt allow me to to search once it started "Error in dispatch process. Failed to create directory /data/var/run/dispatch/xyz"

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Assuming your using pooling, then i would verify that all of your servers in the pool are running with the correct permissions. This had happened to us a couple months ago when we spun up a new search head and it was running as a user that didn't have permissions to read and write all the files in the pool.

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