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How to create app in distributed Search Head ,without the deployer instance

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I want to create app in my Search head(SH) in distributed environment,but i do not have the deployer setup.

i have four SH ,so how to create app in SH without deployer?

also i tried to create App in one of the SH but after restarting the app is getting deleted, any idea why is it so?

If any other solutions kindly let me know

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Hi @ashwinipatil007,
It's not clear your architecture:
Have you a Search Head Cluster or not?
Deployer is a mandatory component of a Search Head Cluster, if you haven't it you haven't a search Head Cluster and probably you're speaking of a Deployment Server.

If instead you have a Search Head Cluster and you would deploy an app on Search Heads without using Deployer, you cannot do it because you can deploy apps on Search Heads only by deployer.


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