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How to configure Splunk forwarder for Layer7 logs?


Hello friends,

      I have Layer7(CA technologies) running on a virtual machine and I access it using SSH. My splunk indexer is running on another machine which is in the same network. How can I configure/install Splunk forwarder in Layer7 machine. I searched google and got documents for splunk 4.2, but it is not working for splunk 6.1 server. Please help me guys. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Boney,

Assuming that your objective is to index layer7 logs into Splunk, best option will be to utilize syslog. Layer7 auditing and log monitoring console (GUI) allows you to send the logs to a syslog server and i am sure you can do that via command line as well.

So, build a syslog server (syslog-ng or rsyslog) that can be a standalone server with a Splunk forwarder talking to the indexer or you can install the syslog server on indexer itself and then monitor the log directory to ingest data into Splunk.

Please keep in mind when you enable logging on layer 7 by default it logs into raw format that may not be very helpful to analyze but it allows you to change the log format to standard log format as well which is easier to read than raw.

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