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How to collect output from "rpm -qa --list" command into Splunk?

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Looking to do some patch monitoring on our *nix boxes and find the "rpm -qa --list" command extremely useful. But struggling to find the best way to get this information into Splunk from all our forwarders. Can I have splunk run this command and ingest the output?

Thought of using another tool to collect the output and store in DB somewhere, then use DB Connect to ingest, but was hoping to skip a step. Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thanks everyone!

(Splunk Enterprise 7.1 Deployment)


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Please use the Setting up a scripted input approach.

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Reading thru that now... hadn't figured out exactly how I would be able to run this rpm command using python. Output is pretty basic.. 2 columns. If I could grab that output and throw into an index that would be awesome.

Anymore help on how to do just that?

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