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How to add the Search Head cluster by using an existing deployer?


Hi ,
Have to add the 3 dedicated SH to Search Head clustering , We have already 3 SH Clusters and 6 IDXclusters and 1 deployer in our environment.
Now we have to add the new 3 dedicated search heads to New SH clusters by using existing deployer ,but it should not affect the old SHClusters,
The new one will act a separate SHC by using the existing deployer ?
Please suggest how to achieve this

Mayana Khan

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A deployer can only cater one SHC. You'd need a different server for your new SHC's deployer. Read more here:

You can however have it on the indexer cluster master node if the load on master node ia less.

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Hey @ Mayanakhan,

Refer this link:
Let me know if this helps!!

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My question is to Add dedicate search head to search head clustering by using existing deployer.

Now the requirement is to add new 3 dedicated search heads as SH cluster by using existing(old) deployer. it should not affect the existing Search Head cluster.

Note: We already have SH cluster environment by using one deployer


Ganesh K

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