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How to Setup Build jobs in Jenkins.

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According to this ultimate Jenkin certification course following steps will assist you with building jobs in Jenkins:

Stage 1: First, go to the Jenkins dashboard and click on the New Item.

Stage 2: Enter the Item name and pick the 'Free-form project alternative'.

Stage 3: Specify the subtleties of the work.

Stage 4: Next, determine the area of records that should be assembled.

Stage 5: If your archive is facilitated on Github, you can likewise enter the URL of that store here.

Stage 6: Build area and click on the Add fabricate step.

Stage 7: In the order window, enter the accompanying orders and afterward click on the Save button.

( Javac

Java HelloWorld)

Stage 8: You can click on the Build Now alternative to check whether you have effectively characterized the work.

Stage 9: Once the form is planned, it will run.

Stage 10: Click on the Console Output connect to see the subtleties of the form

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