Deployment Architecture

How many servers do I need to implement a Splunk 6.4.x indexer cluster?


Environment overview:
2 Data Centers
1 Datecollector
1 Splunk enterprise 6X Server working as a search head, Indexer
in each DC

Now I plan to implement a Splunk 6.4.x Indexer cluster. How many servers do I need?
1 As Master node
1 as Search Head
2 Peer Nodes
Is this correct?

Can I install the Master Node and Search Head on the Same Server?
And what about the replication factor (I have 2 Peers) - so the Replication Factor is 2?

Thanks for your support

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For cluster you need 5 instances

2 - indexer
1 - master
1 - license master
1 - search head

You can put license master and cluster master in the same instance and is ok. But no a search head.

2 - indexer
1 - master / license master / deployment server
1- search head

Other interesting thing is to have in each DC a HF .

And replication factor 2 is correct.

Hope i help you.

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