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How do we deal with a new IP segment for our cluster?

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Good morning,

It is required to change the entire ip segment of our cluster since the interfaces will be changed to one of higher speed (fiber).

Is there any recommendation for this activity? as for example, perform maintenance mode, change ip's master, deployer ... etc etc?

This configuration is found in the servers.conf of each machine. It will be as easy as editing this file and update to the new IPs?


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  1. Run splunk enable maintenance-mode on the master node
  2. Update your server.conf
  3. Restart the master-node
  4. Run the health check, must be in a searchable state
  5. In the indexers, update masteruri in servers.conf: ` -masteruri = https://newhost:8089`
  6. Restart peers: UI: Settings > Rolling restart CLI: splunk rolling-restart cluster-peers
  7. In the search-head, update masterur in servers.conf: ` -masteruri = https://newhost:8089`
  8. Restart SH
  9. Disable maintenance mode for master node
  10. Make sure the forwarders point to the new indexers

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Hi, thanks for your response.

     When making these changes at some time the cluster will be unavailable for some time? since I must change the ip's:

1- Master
2- Deplyer
3- Indexer
4- Sh's
5- HF's
6- UF's

   If I get to change the ip of the master and the indexer's the sh will have problems when trying to access the data since it has changed the network segment of these.

   The same for the HF and UF since they will point directly to the old indexers and will have to be modified 1 by 1.

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