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How do we add existing indexes into a new indexer cluster?



We are using Splunk Enterprise 6.4.

We recently brought up an indexer cluster with 2 indexers. The primary indexer is an existing indexer with about 15 indexes. The other indexer is brand new. When I established the cluster, as expected, the _audit, _internal, and main indexes started replication.

I now need to add existing indexes into the cluster. How do I do this? As an example, we have an existing index called 'network'. This index attributes are contained in etc/apps/laucher/local/indexes.conf. Would I update the indexers.conf (etc/master-apps/_cluster/local) on the cluster master this way?:

repFactor = auto

Do I need to push this as a config bundle?

I realize these indexes have older data that we do not need replicated, however, going forward, we expect the events for these existing indexes will be replicated with new data.

Thank you

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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

All the peer nodes in the cluster should use the same indexes.conf. You distribute it to the peers via the configuration bundle method. See:

Also, as you note, you cannot migrate the standalone buckets created pre-cluster, but they will remain searchable. See:

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