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How do I update GeoLite2-City-Latest.mmdb on a deployment server?

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I have a deployment server configured. Inside, I have changed the GeoLite2-City.mmdb, but I know I'm having trouble making it configure with the whole infrastructure.

I have tried with the command 'splunk reload deploy-server' , but it seems to be not syncing.

How can I force the different instances of Splunk to fetch the new database and ditch the old one?

Thank you!

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Deployment servers are designed to push out configuration bundles to its deployment clients.

Run this command on your deployment server to see if the results returns the deployment clients you wish to deploy this updated app bundle to.

/opt/splunk/bin/splunk list deploy-clients

Either your clients are unable to phoneHome to your deployment server for a reason that is not splunk's fault, or they are not set up as deployment clients.

If you are not seeing the clients you wish to send this bundle, you need to configure a deploymentclient.conf on those servers. See the following Splunk Docs page on how to configure deploymentclient.conf

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What I actually need to know is the section of "The MMDB file and distributed deployments" in the following link:

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Is your issue resolved? What did you do?

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