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Heavy Forwarders in Active-Active as failover


In one DC scenario, I am going to put two HFs in active-active mode and update Output.conf on Universal Forwarders (~ 200 in count) to send logs to these.
I understand that from Splunk URLs that these can be configured to get logs every 30 seconds one by one using autoLBFrequency. What will happen in case one of these HF is down? Will the second HF continue to receive all the TCP connections from UFs and keep forwarding to next level of receivers?

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Re: Heavy Forwarders in Active-Active as failover


Hi pranitprakash,
if you configure your Universal Forwarders in AutoLoadBalancing (, they send logs to all the available Heavy Forwarders using a round robin algorithm.
When only one Heavy Forwarder is available, UFs send logs the the only available HF.


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