Deployment Architecture

HEC and Indexer Clustering

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The setup we have is as follows

Master x 1
Indexers x 3
Search head x 1

I am trying to enable HEC on the indexers through the inputs.conf and outputs.conf setup as described here
I have setup the local dir and added the inputs.conf and outputs.conf and restarted splunk, but there is still nothing listening on port 8088

I did read this in the documentation

Using HTTP Event Collector in a distributed deployment is incompatible with indexer clustering. Specifically, cluster peers are not supported as deployment clients.

Does this mean that I cannot enable HEC even though I am not using the deployment server to push this app out? We are manually editing the .conf files on each indexer.

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HEC on the indexers will work fine but you must push your configuration to the indexers via the cluster master as per the indexer cluster architecture
Indexers / search peers should not talk to a deployment server

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