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Gone part of the event when indexing


Hello. We have a problem with the event handling in splunk. We get events from AWS S3 and one of the events are indexed ill, missing part of the event. We do not understand how it happened and how to understand where to look for the problem

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During the event processing in Splunk, as part of Event Breaking step, Splunk applies various limits on the amount of data that can be part of an event. Few of them are TRUNCATE which defines the maximum length of a line in bytes (default to 10,000 bytes) and MAX_EVENTS which defines the max number of lines in an event can have (default to 256 lines). These two entries can cause an event to get truncated if they exceed these generous limit. Check the event that got truncated is very long. Also, you can check splunkd logs on index=_internal sourcetype=splunkd component=LineBreakingProcessor log_level!=INFO for such warning/errors.

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