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Gettin Error FileClassifierManager, TailReader, FilesystemChangeWatcher on SPLUNK Universal Forwarder

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I am trying to upload a .csv file and I am getting three errors messagen in my internal logs

" -0400 ERROR TailReader - error from
read call from "WARN
FilesystemChangeWatcher - error
getting attributes of path
Access is denied."

" WARN FileClassifierManager - Unable
to open

ERROR TailReader - error from read
call from

And the the file is not uploading into Splunk.

I checked the permision, it's correct.
The SPLUNK UF it's executing System Account

Can you please help me figure out why I am getting this error and my file is not getting indexed?

My inputs.conf

disabled = 0
time_before_close = 60
multiline_event_extra_waittime = true
initCrcLength = 512
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Hello @thatiana_liz ,

please check this answer:

you need not only read permissions for the CSV file, but also "list folder content" permissions for all folders.

Let me know if it worked

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