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ForgeRock SSO for Splunk Enterprise but not Splunk ES


We currently have a Splunk deployment consisting of Splunk Enterprise and Splunk ES. We are thinking of incorporating Splunk Enterprise into our corporate enterprise SSO solution (i.e. ForgeRock), but we're receiving some pushback from our Security Team on also incorporating Splunk ES as part of the enterprise SSO solution. For some context, access to ES is restricted to our Security Team while Enterprise is open to our Production Operations and DevOps Teams. Access is segregated based on LDAP groups and roles, so the Prod Ops and DevOps Teams can not access ES since they are not provisioned a Splunk ES role and neither are they part of an LDAP group associated to a Splunk ES group.

I have a couple of questions:

  1. Is it generally considered a "bad practice" to allow SSO access to your SIEM (i.e. Splunk ES)

  2. Is it possible for Splunk to allow ForgeRock SSO access to Splunk Enterprise while retaining non-SSO access (i.e. input your Windows AD credentials) for Splunk ES? I'm assuming this should be case since a different LDAP strategy would be identified for Enterprise and ES?

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