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Estimated date/release for end of support of Linux kernel 2.6



I see that Linux kernel 2.6 is deprecated since 1 year (on April 2018, with Splunk 7.1.0).

I would like to know which future version of Splunk will "remove" this kernel version, and if there is an estimated release date.


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Splunk Employee
Splunk Employee

Per the doc file

Linux Kernel 2.6 x86-64: Enterprise and Free/Trial support is deprecated and might be removed entirely in a future release.

This means we don't have a solid time line defined for removing it, but at any time we can drop support for it. As advised, if you are concerned about this, please open a support ticket / talk to your account manager about this. This way our product team can evaluate if we should/not drop support for this..

Otherwise, upgrade! 🙂

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Please contact Splunk Support or your Splunk SE if you are a paying customer

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