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I am facing problems while editing and re-enforcing the indexes.conf from master. I edited the indexes.conf in Splunk\etc\master-apps\local and applied it to the peers by using the cluster-bundle command. However, on doing so the default and local folders under slave-apps on peers got deleted. I want to know the correct way of doing this, as in how and in which sequence to stop the master, peers, search head, in order to apply the edited indexes.conf successfully.
I am using all Splunk instances of v5.0.5

Please respond.

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is your path splunk/etc/master-apps/_cluster/local

or appname instead of _cluster?

or is the _cluster (or appname) part really missing: you wrote Splunk/etc/master-apps/local

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Path is spunk\etc\master-apps_cluster\local and _cluster is missing in peers.

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